Poker Team: Fabulous Villa Las Vegas

This year, no children in the suitcases, I’m going! Little tip to find the villa of your dreams in Vegas: book as soon as possible, ideally at least six months in advance . This is what we have done this year and the result has been beyond our expectations: a little paradise in the middle of the desert. We will not lie, it is still much easier to jump from a tournament when we find such conditions when returning to the villa: friends, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, billiards … The pill is immediately easier to swallow.

I always thought that a roommate with poker players was a real plus for a professional player . It is much easier to exchange on hands or to be motivated when you see the roommates who chain the perfs’ and, conversely, to share his doubts when nothing seems to go in the right direction. We all know that poker is a mentally exhausting and very individual game . Having the opportunity to share both positive and negative aspects gives the game a really significant collective dimension .

This is precisely what I loved about this villa. When we don’t play, we spend our time talking about hands, tournament strategy, personal involvement in the life of a pro player, or even the impact that self-confidence can have on results (and vice versa) …

So many discussions that keep you focused and motivated throughout the WSOP . And when you need a break to cut yourself from poker, you find yourself surrounded by people you like and with whom you can discuss a whole bunch of other exciting subjects.

I have played more tournaments this year than in previous years: 23 in total, including reentries, for six paid places.

This is a more than satisfactory assessment in terms of the percentage of ITM. The motivation that arose within the villa is not unrelated to this. The year before, when I saw my daughter begging me every day to stay at home instead of going to play, my motivation was more wavering. Not this time: seeing everyone preparing and being fully committed every day motivated me the most. Being surrounded by excellent players necessarily pulls you up.

The financial results are not positive this year, but that is not what to remember. With a single stroke, the scale could have largely swung over to the other side. I did two deep runs, including a 31st place out of 696 players on the Event Ladies of the WSOP . The decisive hand left me with a bitter taste: pair of Aces against pair of Six, all stacked before the flop. A TT6 table later, and I found myself shortstack instead of being in the lead with twice the stack of the second in chips. What touched me was not so much the bad beat itself, but rather the conviction that I had to impose myself if I ever won this pot. So I really felt like I was near a bracelet. And that is

This state, I also felt it during a disputed online session in our “little” home. Buoyed by the emulation of my comrades, I decided to participate in an Event at $ 3,200 online , a great first for me. It is a WSOP event allowing to obtain a bracelet, just like the tournaments played at the Rio. To register, you must also go to the hotel-casino: rather surprising and fun to have to give tickets to a real cashier, then play an online tournament! I needed a nickname to play on, and I didn’t choose “ O RLY ” but “ LaGazL », In reference to my nickname within the team: gazelle. I have a song in my name that I long to hear ringing in the rail of a final table: “ Oh Gazelle Baumann, she runs in the savannah! She’s afraid of noone! “

I found myself confronted with the best American regs , but, from the start of the tournament, I felt concentrated, relaxed and able to play my A-Game. The gazelle was launched into the savannah. I quickly mounted chips, surrounded by Adrien, Ivan and Romain who were playing by my side. It’s amazing the difference it can have in your game to be confident. A winning call that I would not have made for fear of being wrong, a good 3-bet spot spotted, but not taken … Except that there, this is not the case: I mounted chips, slammed high-five to friends and, finally, even if I bowed with a pair of Kings against Ace in a big pot, it is again satisfaction that won .

What was the rest of the evening? A moment of life that only the Team can provide . Imagine living these special moments with your best friends, who are also your work partners and the people with whom you share and discuss your passion … All the ingredients were in place for a memorable barbecue, where rooming was mixed , technical discussions and narration of the latest conquests. It’s crazy to talk to each other as if we’ve been friends for 20 years, when, for some, we didn’t even know each other a year ago! This is what makes poker magic: its snapshots are so intense that they are etched over time, mark you, forge you and inhabit you.. Being in the Team’s villa allowed me to fill a film with memories in one month like never before.

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