5 Tips In Sports Betting To Win

I- Play on professional bookmakers
This first advice in sports betting I repeat very often on this blog. To win you have to play on the best bookmakers. But what are the best books then?

Quite simply, the best bookies are those who offer the best odds and those who do not limit the accounts of winning players.

The bookmakers who fall within this framework include Pinnacle sports, betfair, matchbook and asian odds.

II- Do not bet your own predictions
The second sports betting advice I would like to give you is not to bet your own predictions in real money. In fact, most beginners analyze meetings and strive for real money when they don’t even know if they are good tipsters.

Before betting your predictions it is important to test them in order to know if you are a winning bettor or not. For this, you must make at least 400 bets with your analyzes but without playing them in real money or so very small sums. So, after 400 bets minimum, you can take stock and see what return on investment (ROI) you have. If you have a positive return on investment then you can play your predictions with larger bets. If on the other hand, your ROI is negative, in this case, you still have to work in order to become a winner before betting your real money on your predictions.

This is very important sports betting advice because many beginners think they can win with their predictions but end up going bankrupt.

III- Have good bankroll management
What is a bankroll? This is the money you reserve for your sports betting. Good bankroll management means betting 1% of your bankroll per bet. It is a management that most professional bettors use and it is, therefore, good advice in sports betting.

This may not seem like much to you but there is an element of luck (variance) in sports betting which means that we will sometimes lose and sometimes win. When we are in a period of loss, our bankroll must be deep enough to be able to collect bad run. For example, many beginners bet around 10% of their total bankroll which is far too much. As soon as they lose 10 units (which sometimes happens) then they no longer have a bankroll and that is the end of sports betting for them.

IV- Do not follow any tipster
One of the solutions to win at sports betting is to follow tipsters. Tipsters are actually tipsters who will sell you or give you their tips so you can win money at sports betting. However, you should know that 95% of tipsters on the net (paid or free) are not competent in the long term and will, therefore, make you lose money if you follow them. This sports betting advice is therefore very important. You should not follow tipsters from anywhere without a solid balance sheet and without any evidence, if not their word, that they will be successful in the long term.

So beware of all these dream sellers who promise that you will win with their tips in exchange for a subscription to their service. I am not saying, however, that this method is bad since I use it myself to win at sports betting (follow tipsters). Let’s see this in the next sports betting advice.

V- Follow good tipsters
This is the solution and method that I use myself to win sustainably, that is to say in the long term in sports betting. The idea here is to select very good tipsters who will be among the 5% of tipsters who win over the long term . Finding a good tipster can be learned because it’s probably one of the most difficult steps in sports betting.

To sum up what a good tipster is, I would say that it must respect the following points. Your tipster must have a history of at least 400 bets. This history must be verifiable, that is to say that you must have proof that it is true and not a pure invention of the tipster to sell its forecasts. Your tipster must have a ROI (return on investment) of at least + 5% . Finally, you need to test it to find out if it is easily “trackable”. Rib falls should not be too great and the tips should be sent at times that suit you.

This article therefore gives you a good summary of the best advice in sports betting that can be found on the internet. This advice in sports betting can serve as a basis for novice bettors who still know little about this area. It will also serve as a reminder for more experienced bettors.

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