Benefit to participating team

Benefit for Every Player and the Coach/Managers

  • Every Player and the Coach/Managers will get free kit.
  • Every player will automatically get membership in BIPA.
  • Every player will get a chance to participate in Basketball clinics where Olympians will share their experience & expertise about the sport.
  • An opportunity for the Winner teams to participate further in the National League.
  • Encourage & offer exposure to volunteers in other BIPA events.
  • Develop talent for INDIA.

Why schools

It is observed that while we engage with youngsters, 18 to 25 through our medium (on-air, on-ground and digital) we often ignore younger people, or young adults between the ages of 12 to 17

This is exactly the age where any kid attains the status of Teen/Youth, they make their own opinions, they like to take their own decision, they expect their own space and freedom.

And where does all this transformation happen – In the Schools.